My darling little newborn blog,

You’re my newest wittle baby, and therefore, obviously, my favorite. Your older brothers and sisters will live with you at, but you’re going to get star treatment.

Not only are you about my favorite thing to do – dance – you’re also going to be integrated into a totally kick-booty HTML5 tricked-out dance portfolio page. Your coach, Dave, will help me make sure you are the prettiest and coolest blog around.

Though your pre-teen older sister – Like, Oh My Blog – is about my favorite subject to write about (dating and relating), don’t be jealous. I will spend most of my time with you, darling, and mostly leave LOMB in the hands of her capable aunts.

I’ve named you up&down, honey, because it describes the most basic of the opposites in dance. There’s arch/contract. Jump/land. Ethereal/earthy. Heady music/indie music. Push/pull. Of course, darling, there’s everything in between. And that’s why I love you. Dance expresses everywhere and everything.

Welcome to teh interwebz, up&down. Welcome to this crazy, artistic world, little one.