My cool L.A. music scene friend sent me this YouTube video after he went to Coachella a few weeks (months?) ago. I didn’t really give the song a shot. I love Radiohead and Thom Yorke, but it must have been a busy day when he first linked me.

Then, I went to L.A. in full-on existential crisis vacation mode (“What am I doing with my liiiiiife?!”) and he kindly gave me a copy of a CD he made to help me with said existential crisis. An .mp3 of this “Giving Up the Ghost” live rendition was on it.

I listened to the song at least 50 times and fell in love with it more every time. The song grows on you just like the song grows with complexity at every verse and chorus.

I knew I had to choreograph to it. And I knew it was the perfect excuse to use YouTube Doubler to put myself next to Thom  Yorke. (Yikes! Who do I think I am?)

Then, I participated in a fantastic, uplifting, great-for-my-resume-too audition-workshop-performance with AXIS Dance Company. We auditioned, rehearsed, tech-ed and performed all in six days. I knew I didn’t have a putting-it-off, oh-this-could-take-forever excuse with my “Giving Up the Ghost” potential solo any more. I knew I could challenge myself to choreograph and record in six days!

But ohhhh of course I let life get in the way. I’m going to a lake house with my boyfriend and his friends this weekend, and I let laundry and packing and getting excited get in the way of my choreography time. So I’m hoping to be inspired and keep choreographing past the first verse this weekend. I will stay self-motivated, I will stay self-motivated…