Emma & Melissa at Sofitel

Last night, my sister waltzed her way into town from college and we sashayed to the Washington Ballet’s Jeté Society happy hour.

(She let me wear a really cute green dress of hers. She’s a good sister.)

I was excited for the happy hour for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was a swanky event (chance to wear a cute dress)
  2. There was the chance to meet dancers and/or directors (I heart Septime Weber)
  3. I could network with D.C. dance enthusiasts

The night started off well when the doorman at the Sofitel was impressed with my pronunciation of jeté (spoken like a true gal who only took French in high school because of her history with ballet). We only had to stand awkwardly by ourselves with our glasses of wine – trying to decide how and with whom to network – for a few minutes before a gentleman started talking to us.

Then one of my friends showed up. Then the gentleman closest to us joined our conversation. Pretty soon, we were the happening-est table at the happy hour.

While I never glimpsed dancers nor directors (I don’t blame them – it’s their off-season!), a couple of my jokes fell flat (“Well, you guys know that Balanchine, amirite?!”), and it pretty quickly became clear that a few of the gentleman were there for eye candy rather than to contribute to ballet talk (“So did you see their Genius3 program? No? Great Gatsby? No? Oh, the Nutcracker… cool…”), it was still quite a graceful evening.

I have a ballet crush on the Washington Ballet as a whole. They’re the first ballet company I’ve seen with a really quality, fun-loving personality onstage. I’ve been a subscriber for almost two years now and I think maybe it’s time to bump up my support by becoming a member of the Jeté Society. After all, I love swanky parties and rubbing elbows with artistes!