The New Deal at the 9:30 Club

The New Deal at the 9:30 Club with friends and I dancing like crazy in the crowd. Who wouldn't want to choreograph like this?!

Last night I started choreographing for realsies to The New Deal’s “Intro” (from their album Gone, Gone, Gone). I have about one minute done out of the three-ish.

(Note to self: Don’t take a shower and then choreograph in your door-closed-in-95-degrees-with-just-a-window-AC-unit room. Much sweating ensues.)

Challenges and dilemmas so far:

  • I don’t know how many dancers I will have. So far in the choreography I’ve been able to stay flexible – it will work for any number between three and six.
  • What do I call the piece? I always name my dances the same as the name of the song, because the music is 100% my inspiration. But I feel like I can’t have a piece titled “Intro”… can I?
  • How should I end the piece? The song flows in a very bouncy way into the second track of the album, the oh-so-awesome melody of “I Feel Love.”  I think I’ll have to use some digital magic to fade the song out on one of its vocal harmonies.

I’m really excited to dive into the next minute of the piece. The first minute is really just a slow build-up of mostly arms while each dancer moves with a unique sporadically-placed instrument sound. For the second minute I’m going to start with a big, wide-moving unison movement to match the perfect vocal harmonies, then start to play with some partnering.

I’m going to need dancers to play with soon! Yay!