It seems like I’ve always been vaguely aware of LXD and their very “now” (“contemporary”) choreography. But their exposure just keeps increasing and I just keep getting more interested.

Today, one of the Tumblogs I follow, TJ Hanton, posted a SYTYCD clip of LXD. (Thanks a lot. Like I didn’t have enough reasons to find Cat Deely vaguely offensive – though very fashionably dressed – now I won’t be able to stop noticing TJ’s commentary!) (I also now wish this blog were a Tumblog. Oh well – it’s okay I still love you WordPress!)

Anyway. I can’t quite put my finger whether I like or dislike LXD and to what degree.

I like:

  • How LXD is Web/social/community-focused
  • Hip hop and break dance being used in stunningly lyrical ways
  • Original (and interesting!) scores
  • The direction John M. Chu seems to be leading LXD
  • How their style is spreading its love to the Oscar’s and other big-name dance opportunities

I dislike:

  • That there are three girls in the group. Three?! To like, a billion guys? I mean, come on, have you seen the average dance studio? It’s a billion girls to three guys. Yeah, I’m sure on the b-boy circuit, there are more men than women, but let’s bring the two cultures together, and not drive the gender stereotypes further apart.
  • The women’s costumes. While their choreography is the most lyrical, they wear sneakers like the boys, which breaks up what are supposed to be long lines. Also, their clothing is more abstract while the men exclusively wear street clothes.
  • How little the women dance. And how their choreography is always short, easy, and feminine. I bet they could keep up with the dudes if they were given the chance.
  • Mad Max. I’m over him. I was impressed the first two times I saw him. Two! He’s a one-trick pony and they have to stop starting and/or stopping every single piece with him doing the robot. It’s dang good mechanical movement – don’t get me wrong – but how about some mechanical duets? Or having him off center? Or even having him in – oh I don’t know – the middle of the piece?

So apparently gender imbalance bothers me! (Also, some guys officially need to get kicked off SYTYCD. It’s out of control how much better the girls were than some of those guys. Silly all-girl oh-he’s-cute voting audience.)

So hey, LXD – where are the girls? Can I join?