Sustaining Movement dancers are picking up choreography faster than I can give it to them. And since we’re planning on a fundraiser/flash mob/outdoor performance in October, Intro needs to be done sooner rather than later!

I was surprised last week when I actually found time to choreograph and I mostly paced around my room, starting and re-starting the music.

I’ve always been inspired by The New Deal’s piece of music and had been itching to dedicate time to official choreography, rather than in-my-brain-during-day-job choreography. Where was the brain fart coming from?

I came up with one 8-count, played and refined it in rehearsal the next day with help from the ladies, and tonight I found myself in the same place. Stuck. (This time in my living room rather than my bedroom but still.)

So I made the mirror my audience, turned on the music, closed my eyes for a bit, and didn’t move until I felt justifiably moved. And I improvised. And I grooved.

By finding that space between freely-dancing-in-the-moment and paying-attention-to-movement-quality-in-the-mirror, I was able to tap into the translation from music to dance. I wanted hips to lead off-balance. I wanted arms that snaked and fished. I wanted a head to react at the last moment.

Thank goodness I found them. Time for more living room play and then studio play tomorrow!