Three Glade dancers lunge and search to their right

Three dancers from Glade Dance Collective - Betsy, Alina and Sylvana - perform a portion of Glade's Eureka Dance Festival world premiere, "District. Defined?"

I started this blog because I felt like I didn’t have an outlet for my dance ideas. Now I am blessed to have so many outlets other than this blog and a lot less time just sitting about wondering about dance in my life!

This weekend I am performing with Glade Dance Collective as part of Eureka Dance Festival at Dance Place.

These are all fantastic organizations!

DCist contributor Amanda Abrams has been focusing on dance in the district a lot lately, and I try to comment on it, like it and do whatever else I can to support it! Too often hyper-local blogs miss all the dance performances, workshops and showings happening around town. But when I glance into the flourishing D.C. dance community, I am overwhelmed with too many events to choose from!

Here is DCist’s interview with Dance Place’s Carla Perlo, who actually talks about how the dance scene in D.C. has grown dramatically in the last thirty years:

Here are some ways to explore dance, learn something new or make new connections: