I started up&down because I felt even though I “own” what seems like millions of blog/social media presences, none of them really focused on the most passionate part of my life: dance.

So up&down is a merging of many of my talents and interests: blogging, communicating, Web design & development, collaboration and, of course, dance!

I’ve been dancing for 18 years in the greater Washington D.C. (Dancing of Columbia of course) metro area. Most recently, I’ve performed with the Pink Line Project at the Environmental Film Festival Opening Party. I have also been dancing my way east (metaphorically) with Saffron Dance Studios in the art of belly dance! I am most often seen rehearsing and performing with Glade Dance CollectiveSustainment Movement Dance Company and Talu Dance Co.

Download my dance resume as a PDF.

I also tweet a about dance, music and yoga @emmajoan.

Overall, I fully support everyone dancing everywhere all the time. Love!