A new week – a new choreography project! While I fully plan on committing time to my “Giving Up the Ghost” solo project when I can, I have some exciting, more concrete plans.

I’ve been over-using this verb ever since I came up with it in this tweet, but I’m so pumped about all the dance opportunities flitting my way!

Tonight I went to a “meeting” for a new D.C.-area modern dance company that is equally focused on outreach and performance. I’d like to give the organization full justice, so I’ll hold off on naming, describing and showing my excitement for it.

For now, I’ll just say my goal is to choreograph an up-beat, accessible modern piece for four to six dancers, and I’m thinking some New Deal is what I need.

Though their live, improv-filled shows are my favorite, I think for a dance performance a studio-quality song would be better. Their entire album “Gone, Gone, Gone” is absolutely shoulder-grooving, and “VL Tone” is probably the most accessible and melody-driven song. Every show I’ve been to so far, the New Deal has closed their encore with “VL Tone.”

My next challenge is to choose my favorite song (most likely the boringly-titled but so, so awesomely ethereal “Intro,” especially since it has sorta-voices), and figure out how to apply modern technique to the New Deal’s uniquely fantastic style.