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I’ve been really inspired by NappyTabs and Sonya Tayeh’s “harder” choreography on “SYTYCD” lately (and I think it’s obvious with my blogging obsession with similar-themed breaking), and it seems like one of them could choreograph a kick-butt dance to Sleigh Bells’ “Crown on the Ground.”

But maybe I WILL instead!

(I need some hip hop dancers.)


I went to the All Good music festival this weekend and between all the free-spirited hippie dancing I got to appreciate some new musical acts that especially struck my fancy.

One of them was Macpodz. Their bios for the festival proclaimed their genre as “disco-bebop,” but the jammy daytime set I heard included salsa, reggae, a beat-boxing flute and b-boy beats.

Today as I strolled around YouTube to get some background music to my workday with this new potential favorite, I found this video of Macpodz with actual b-boys onstage performing with the band.

This is the kind of awesome music-dance collaboration I’m talking about here! I knew I loved the Macpodz right away for a reason.