This New York Times images shows choreographer Mandy Moore with students. I tweeted a while ago that it’s a good time for arts and music these days in popular media. TV, especially, is showcasing a lot of talent between “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Glee.”

The New York Times agrees with me. (I heart the Times style section.)

TV Gives Dance a Boost, and That’s Good, Right?

The Glee Generation

I just wish competition shows with live, original choreography like “SYTYCD” were available on the Web, legally. I don’t own a TV that connects to digital broadcast, and YouTube clips are not enough! I get my “Glee” fix from Hulu (I actually haven’t seen the season finale yet, so shhh no spoilers!) and I wish I could do the same for “SYTYCD.” I feel like I’m missing out on the most “contemporary” choreography (I mean “of the time period” choreography, not the modern/jazz/lyrical mash-up we call contemporary dance in these contemporary days) of our generation without watching “SYTYCD” on a regular basis!

I wonder if the complications that come from that contemporary choreography – dealing with so many copyright issues with so many leading artists – prohibits “SYTYCD” (and, come to think of it, its other voting-contestants-off shows like “American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars”) from being broadcast on the Web.